Delta Tech Service – Grilling in the sun

 In General

The staff here at Delta Tech is what makes us amazing. When the crew comes together to get projects/jobs done, they are unmatched. When it comes to dealing with these changing times, we do it with pride. When it comes to grilling it up on Taco Tuesday, Delta Tech is unparalleled.

The past few months have been different to say the least. Fortunately, the smiles, the conversations, and the friendships continue. It’s what makes a company a great place to be at. Our crew and company have been working hard, but sometimes we just need TACOS!

I am a huge fan of the people here at Delta Tech. Every single person here is not just an employee, they are a part of what makes Delta Tech the best! However…

The tacos make it just a little bit better. It is also truly incredible to see someone try the ghost pepper hot sauce. WHY would you do that to yourself?


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