Delta Tech’s Hydrofluoric Experience

 In General

Delta Tech Service, Inc. (DTS) is at it again.

DTS received a call from one of the greater Washington area refiners that they had some issues with an exchanger from their HF ALKY unit. DTS quickly formulated a plan to clean the tube side of the exchanger. They began putting the plan into motion, mobilizing a crew of highly skilled Service Engineers accompanied by a professional Projects Manager.

“Despite the many setbacks Delta Tech was able to clean the tubes better than I thought they would.”
~ Lead Inspector

DTS has massive experience in the refineries safety cultures including working in HF acid areas. DTS was accompanied by another contractor as they were new to the facility. They were able to overcome many hurdles including inadequate flow as well as inclement weather factors.

DTS is committed to building lasting business relationships while maintaining a family oriented company.

“I parked afar from the jobsite so I could watch you guys. Your team executed everything very safely.”
~Maintenance Manager

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