DT-N170 | Proprietary Stainless Steel Protector

 In General

Delta Tech has developed proprietary chemical solutions to solve our client’s challenges.  DT-N170 is one of those solutions.

DT-N170 is one bag compound that insures you treat equipment susceptible to stress corrosion cracking with the NACE prescribed solution.  This product was developed to provide a single bag dry chemical mix.  No weighing, no counting, no measuring various chemicals.  Just mix DT-N170 with water and your solution is ready to go.  When mixed with low chloride water the DT-N170 solution will meet the NACE SP0170-2012 Standard for protection of authentic stainless steel from polythionic acid stress corrosion & cracking during shutdown of refinery equipment.

For best application, consult the Delta Tech Service technical staff for applications and cleaning methods.  Please contact Delta Tech Service for SDS and Data Sheet.

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