Emergency Shutdown Clean-up Request and Response

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Delta Tech Service Inc. has been providing our customers with unparalleled expertise in chemical cleaning for more than 30 years. Delta Tech is an ever changing and progressive organization. The scope of our work is client driven. Our goal is to provide the highest quality services to our clients. Delta Tech has always been a leader in the industry at Decontamination and Degassing of Equipment, Reactive Chemistry, Passivation, Deactivations, etc. What sets Delta Tech apart from the rest is our emergency shutdown response results. We pride ourselves in providing or clients the service they need when they need it. We are the best in the industry at responding to an emergency clean-up event and believe our clients think so as well.

Delta Tech Service was in the midst of multiple major turnarounds nationwide when a call came in from a customer and asked if we had a sufficient amount of DT-3000 to accommodate a recent fire and cleanup effort. We immediately responded and were able to redirected operational support and chemical to the customer’s location.

That same afternoon, Delta Tech received a call from another client contact saying he needed immediate assistance on the clean-up of his Vacuum Column. This need was unplanned and a result of erratic readings on the boards and a potential mechanical issue internally. In normal fashion, Delta Tech made it happen! Delta Tech had the necessary resources to generate a procedure and a list of equipment and chemical required. The equipment and chemical were loaded on trucks that evening. Delta Tech was able to respond to the client’s needs quickly utilized our existing database of procedures. Arrival of the equipment and the Lead Service Engineer was approximately three hours after the phone call from the client. The job was set up that night and the job began the following day. Delta Tech Service, with the partnership with our client, completed the emergency shutdown and cleanup of the Vacuum Column in a day and a half! This truly shows the commitment and dedication of both parties!

One day after the completion of the cleanup of the Vacuum Colum, Delta Tech Service received, yet another call, with an emergency cleanup of an Atmospheric Column. Without hesitation, Delta Tech Service strapped on the boots and went to work completing yet another emergency shut down in less than two days!

Delta Tech Service is committed to building lasting business relationships and diligently serving our customers, while maintaining a family oriented company.

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