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Delta Tech Service recently completed pre-operational high purity cleaning and passivation services for Quaker Oats in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Scope of work included passivation of a new Aunt Jemima syrup product, filler, and remill line as well as the CIP system. Delta Tech utilized its proprietary citric passivation blend yielding the highest chromium to iron ratio on austenitic stainless steel.

Despite many schedule constraints, hot working conditions, and mechanical design changes, not to mention logistical challenges with the remote geographic location of the project, Delta Tech successfully completed the work safely, effectively, and ahead of schedule.

“It was a pleasure working with you and your team today. Special mention to your Supervisor Erick Machamer for managing the complexity of the system design.”

~ Quaker Oats Critical Systems Engineer

Delta Tech Service is committed to building lasting business relationships and diligently serving our customers, while maintaining a family oriented company.

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