Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Delta Tech Service, Inc. pioneered the concept of having Temporary Drain System, (MDO), equipment available to rent for our customer’s de-inventorying and decontamination needs. Our MDO equipment [...]

High Purity Cleaning Excellence

Delta Tech Service recently completed pre-operational high purity cleaning and passivation services for Quaker Oats in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Scope of work included passivation of a new Aunt Jemima [...]

The Chemical Cleaning Company

Recently one of Delta Tech Service’s customers was very happy about their Crude / Coker cleaning project using our proprietary chemicals and detailed planning. According to the customer we came [...]

RefComm – Galveston 2018

RefComm® is recognized as the premiere global conference for Delayed Coking, Fluid Catalytic Cracking and Sulfur Recovery (covering Amine Treating, Sour Water Stripping, Claus Plant and Tailgas). [...]

We listen to our customers!

We understand that our customers have emergencies, that is what we’re here to help with. Delta Tech Service differentiates itself from our competitors by being responsive to our customer’s [...]

De-inventorying and Decontamination Chemistry that Meets the Most Rigorous Safety, Industry and Plant Standards

Use of a Light Oil Cycle (LCO) Enhancer to Improve De-inventory and Decontamination of a FCC Main Fractionator Between changing feed stocks and typical process upsets FCC main fractionators [...]

Your New Career

When you join our family of dedicated employees, you become part of an employee-owned company that maintains a strong commitment to its people through our safety culture, training and development [...]

Continuous Improvement

By focusing on making things better without finding blame, the Delta Tech Service improvement committee takes actions to reduce defects, remove activities which provide no value and improve [...]

Commitment to Safety

Delta Tech Service, Inc. maintains a strong commitment to the community and environment, and the safety and health of our employees and our clients. Our Illness and Injury Prevention Program [...]

DSolv-EX Cleaning Application

equip> 300,000 bpd Refinery | Equipment Cleaned | FCCU Main Fractionator Tower Cleaning Highlights Delta Tech Service’s DT-1000 (chemical) and a vapor cleaning process was chosen as the [...]

Hurricane Harvey

Harvey’s torrential rain, devastating winds and widespread flooding have so far cost at least 60 lives, driven over one million people to evacuate their homes in Texas and caused extensive [...]

Fouled Fin Fans?

A dirty or fouled fin fan system can lead to a dramatic reduction in your plants efficiency and output. During the hot summer months a fouled system could require plant rates to be reduced, [...]

Chemical Cleaning News Flash

From the jobsite to the home… Delta Tech has provided industrial services for years to the largest home consumables company in the world. DTS recently conducted one of the largest outages [...]

Meeting Customer Demands

Delta Tech recently completed construction of a stainless steel, mobile CIP cart to be used in our high purity market segments. The cart was constructed in house led by Delta Tech’s [...]

Crafting Successful Shutdowns

Delta Tech is brewing Success….. Delta Tech has recently completed an outage at a LARGE brewery in California. A recent outage for this brewer was in order to bring craft brews to the local [...]

Innovations in Chemical Cleaning

Delta Tech has done it again….. Delta Tech achieved success at a northern California refiner’s recent shutdown due to the innovative chemicals and application technologies that Delta Tech Service [...]

Excellence in Safety!

Delta Tech Service is very pleased to announce our Workers Compensation Insurance experience modification rate (EMR) has gone down from 59% to 55%.  Congratulations for achieving these results. [...]

Delta Tech Commences Large Bio-Pharmaceutical Passivation Project

Delta Tech Service recently commenced high purity cleaning and passivation services for a large Greenfield pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. The plant is currently under construction to meet [...]

DT-N170 | Proprietary Stainless Steel Protector

Delta Tech has developed proprietary chemical solutions to solve our client’s challenges.  DT-N170 is one of those solutions. DT-N170 is one bag compound that insures you treat equipment [...]

Delta Tech’s Hydrofluoric Experience

Delta Tech Service, Inc. (DTS) is at it again. DTS received a call from one of the greater Washington area refiners that they had some issues with an exchanger from their HF ALKY unit. DTS [...]

Mythbusters Breaking Bad Special

Things get volatile when the MythBusters meet creator Vince Gilligan and star Aaron Paul to check the chemistry behind the hit TV show “Breaking Bad”. The team recreates two iconic, [...]

Delta Tech Service Assigns Account Manager

In an effort to provide an important customer the best possible representation and service, Delta Tech Service, Inc. assigned an Account Manager to the client to work hand in hand with the end [...]

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