Cleaning and Degreasing Concentrates

Cleaning and Degreasing Concentrates

Delta Tech Service has been formulating chemical cleaning compounds for more than 30 years. Our first-hand knowledge of plant processes, their products & by-products and resulting contaminants has enabled us to develop our DTCHEM™ line of chemical cleaning concentrates that clean the toughest materials such as heavy crudes & resids and a superior oxidizer that addresses pyrophorics that leaves no residual sludge.

MDO Equipment Rental and Sales

MDO Equipment Rental and Sales

Delta Tech Service, Inc. has developed a comprehensive line of Temporary Drain System equipment for rent as part of Delta Tech’s Temporary Drain System Management (TDSM) program for the de-inventorying and decontamination needs of client facilities that meets the most rigorous safety, industry and plant standards while maintaining the largest inventory of Temporary Drain System equipment in North America.


Decon Pump Skid. This effluent pumping skid was designed for decontamination projects to replace diesel driven pumps. Each skid has two 3” Stainless Steel Air-Operated Diaphragm pumps that have [...]

Relief Drums

A horizontal pressure vessel primarily used for the handling of liquids and vapor materials during routine unit shutdowns. Typically used as temporary relief vessels, knock out drums or surge [...]


Skid mounted, single pass, tube and shell condensers with over 1531 square feet of surface area makes these temporary units ideal for controlling temperature outputs on a multitude of materials [...]

MDO Equipment Rental

Largest inventory of Temporary Drain System equipment in North America.

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