Delta Tech Service has developed specialized chemistries, temporary drain system equipment and techniques over the past 50 years, working with refineries, petrochemical, power and other industrial facilities throughout North America. Utilizing our intimate knowledge of plant processes and product streams to enable safe entry into equipment and allow hot work to be performed by utilizing specialized chemistries and a variety of techniques including circulation and steam chemical vapor phasing to clean and decontaminate equipment and full units. Our chemistries and techniques will remove contaminants such as:


  • Hydrocarbon
  • LEL
  • Benzene
  • H2S
  • Acid or base residual
  • Pyrophoric iron sulfide scal
  • Mercaptan Odor


Delta Tech Service chemicals developed to address these contaminants include:

  DT-3000 Citra-Sweet HDDT-5000 OxysweetDT-2020 Sulfuric Acid Neutralizer

  • Delta Tech’s DT-3000 Degreasing Concentrate
  • Delta Tech’s DT-5000 Oxidizing Compound to mitigate pyrophorics
  • Delta Tech’s DT-2020 Sulfuric Acid Neutralizer for SF Alky’s (pH adjuster)

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