Drain Headers

Delta Tech has all the drain headers, manifolds and hoses required to install the need temporary drainage system for your application.  Drain Header Tree

We service, recondition, and test our equipment for every job. This means for every job we test and tag “ready for use”. We also take the approach that drain headers is unique. We will engineer project right the first time.

  • Trees available with 4 Drain connections
  • Hydrocarbon Hose
  • Valves
  • Fittings (to accommodate extensive range of configurations)

Drain Header System

Cost –
It is much more cost effective to rent than to engineer and fabricate the manifolds yourself.

Time –
No wasted time to engineering, design, fabricate, and testing.

Convenience –
When your turn around is over. Its all returned to delta tech for testing, reconditioning, and storage.

Versatility –
Our drain systems are modular and the components are designed for use in a refinery and to meet the plants needs.

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