Overview – DT-1000 solvent degreaser is a 100% organic product composed of solvents and surfactants to be used for removal of products from oil processing units. The combination of selected solvents and surface penetration/hard surface dispersion surfactants is effective in removing both heavy and light hydrocarbon products.

How does DT-1000 increase the effectiveness in the removal of heavy hydrocarbon products during decontamination?

The rule of solvency is “Like Dissolves Like”. This means a heavy hydrocarbon product will be dissolved by a lighter hydrocarbon product. DT-1000 has a special blend of proven solvents that go beyond the ability of normal gas oil washes to break up and dissolve heavy oil products in columns, drums, exchangers and piping systems. The addition of surfactants allows DT-1000 to break surface tension and penetrate into sludge. Coke sludge found in the bottoms of columns and drums can be effectively broken up and easily removed. This represents significant time savings to do final cleanup prior to starting mechanical work.

“On-line” cleaning applications – During normal operation of a unit, specific equipment can become fouled, limiting temperature transfer, restricting flow or both. It may be desirable to temporarily pull this equipment out of service and clean the equipment while the unit is still operating. DT-1000 can be used to remove heavy product sludge to make the equipment work more efficiently. A common application of this will be on Crude Unit feed/product exchangers but the issue is common in all heavy product units. There are many applications where DT-1000 can be applied. Contacting Delta Tech Service and talking with our technical support personnel can help you determine if there is an application to your problem.

DT-1000 is compatible with other chemistries.

DT-1000 was formulated to take advantage of combining different Delta Tech Service chemistries to increase decontamination and chemical cleaning efficiency.

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