DT3000 is a heavy duty industrial cleaning concentrate for maintenance and turnaround applications in oil refineries. DT3000 has been proven to successfully clean systems and equipment with extreme heavy hydrocarbon contamination from temperatures from ambient to 250 degrees F.

DT-3000 Citra-Sweet HD

  • DTChem 3000 DT3000 neutralizes H2S and absorbs benzene and carries it out of equipment.
  • Superior rinsing qualities prevent oil from re-filming on hard surfaces.
  • Minimal foaming with low aquatic toxicity and biodegradable.
  • DT3000 is a Non-Hazardous material.
  • DT-3000 Degreasing Concentrate has been formulated to remove heavy residual, pitch, grease, crude deposits, neutralize H2S and absorb Benzene. Typically used for chemical cleaning procedures requiring a degreasing phase and may be used in liquid circulations, injected into steam sources for steam chemical vapor phase procedures and is a very effective very effective in applications where you cannot heat the systems. An example would be pigging crude piping or degreasing stainless equipment where caustic or sulfides exist.

General Appearance: Orange LiquidDT-3000 - Citra Sweet HD Cleaning Chemical

Density: 8.08 pounds per gallon.

Flash Point: >125oF Method COC

Boiling Point: >212oF

pH or 1% (v/v) Solution: 8.0 – 9.0

Odor: Citric

For best application please consult the Delta Tech Service technical staff for applications and cleaning methods. Before handling, storage and/or use please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

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