Delta Tech Service provides high production Exterior Fin Fan cleaning utilizing a proprietary cleaning agent that is bio-degradable, environmentally friendly and safe for effluent systems.

A dirty or fouled fin fan system can lead to a dramatic reduction in your plants efficiency and output. During the hot summer months a fouled system could require plant rates to be reduced, costing your facility lost revenue while exposing equipment to extreme conditions and potentially reducing unit run life.

Applying our proprietary cleaning agent with a high volume low pressure application system, Delta Tech Service high production execution technique is able to clean as many as 50 fans in a single shift with minimal maintenance support.

Our non-intrusive, safe, on the run, cleaning method can remove years of oil and dirt while regaining up to 300 degrees F. per bank, depending on the degree of fouling.

Serving the following industries:

  • Refining
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
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