To complement our chemical cleaning services, Delta Tech Service offers Industrial Cleaning services for maintenance and turnarounds.

Delta Tech Service recognizes the importance of safety when performing any industrial cleaning work. Our services exceed the most rigorous requirements of industry and manufacturing utilizing 10,000-40,000 psi water blasting equipment along with liquid vacuum trucks and industrial air machines with the latest accessories and attachments to enhance both safety and performance.

Manufacturing processes create challenging cleaning requirements because of access, scale, sludge and other hazardous/non-hazardous contaminants requiring the use of high pressure water to safely and effectively remove them. In many cases it is faster and more effective to perform high pressure cleaning in conjunction with cleaning chemicals to remove contaminants and scale.

Available 24/7, Delta Tech Service’s highly trained personnel is ready to mobilize and execute work as your demands require, to improve equipment efficiencies and address emergencies while minimizing downtime for maintenance and turnarounds for the refining, chemical/petrochemical, power, food & beverage and industrial construction markets.

Industrial Cleaning Solutions for:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Tube & pipe lancing
  • Fin fans
  • Boilers
  • Storage tanks
  • Pressure vessels
  • Reactors
  • Silos

Industrial Cleaning Services equipment includes:

  • High pressure hydro-blasting to 40,000 psi.
  • Semi-robotic accessories
  • Closed system hydro-blasting using chemicals to remove and neutralize toxic or pyrophoric scales.
  • Soda ash hydro-blasting for alloy and stainless steel equipment subject to stress or chloride cracking.
  • Closed system hydro-blasting capturing and scrubbing any fugitive emissions in piping systems, vessels, reactors, fin fan exchangers, etc.
  • Gamma-jet rotational impact cleaning using water or cleaning solutions to remove product, sludge or contaminants in vessels, reactors, columns, towers, tanks, etc.
  • Hydro static testing to 10,000 psi using water, oil or passivation solutions.
  • Industrial vacuum trucks for liquid, sludge and dry materials.
  • Roll-off boxes and transport services.

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Hydro Excavation and Air Knifing Services

Delta Tech Service recognizes the importance of safety when performing any type of excavation work.

With the underground infrastructure congested with pipelines, gas lines, telecommunications, electrical and water lines, safety is paramount and Delta Tech Service’s Hydro Excavation & Air Knifing Services is the solution!

Hydro Excavation is the use of pressurized water and vacuum to loosen and remove soil while Air Knifing replaces water with air used in conjunction with a vacuum source to loosen and remove soil. Both methods are recognized as productive and safe methods to excavate while reducing the risks associated with damaging lines & utilities.

Delta Tech Service safely performs Hydro Excavation and Air Knifing services by working closely with our clients by leveraging the extensive experience of our project managers, supervisors and operators to develop and execute safe work procedures that delivers reduced costs with predictable and reliable results utilizing the right equipment for the application.

We are available 24/7 to mobilize and safely execute Hydro Excavation and Air Knifing projects. Contact us for more information.

Hydro Excavation and Air Knifing clients include:

  • Pipeline Owners
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Pipeline Maintenance Contractors
  • Utility Providers
  • Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Industrial Construction
  • Commercial Construction

Hydro Excavation and Air Knifing Services

  • Non-destructive Digging
  • Pipeline Excavation
  • Utility Excavation
  • Trenching
  • Line Locating
  • Pot Holing
  • Tunneling

Hydro Excavation and Air Knifing equipment includes:

  • Fully integrated Hydro Excavation Trucks
  • Large 12 cubic yard debris box
  • 10 gpm @ 2,500 psi Water Excavation
  • Air Knife Excavation Wands
  • Industrial Air Machines
  • Industrial Liquid Vacuum Trucks

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