Delta Tech Service provides pipeline pigging services for a variety of applications in wide range of industries. We serve the refining, petrochemical, oil & gas transmission and municipal markets to dry and clean piping systems removing contaminants such as water, water scale, crude, sludge, sediment while also cleaning for cargo changes and inspection by designing application specific procedures to utilize various chemicals.

From de-inventorying to cleaning, our pigging services are used in conjunction with chemical cleaning to remove product, various types of scale and other contaminants using a wide range of pig styles from swabbing pigs to abrasive pigs. Chemical cleaning with pigs is also a very effective technique to minimize chemistry and waste effluent in certain applications.

In addition to straight run piping, our pigs can negotiate bends, ells, tees and other piping configurations.

Our pigging equipment includes:

  • Up to 24” pig launchers and receivers
  • Pigs made of foam, urethane and neoprene
  • Pig coatings which dry, wipe and scrape
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