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Recently one of Delta Tech Service’s customers was very happy about their Crude / Coker cleaning project using our proprietary chemicals and detailed planning. According to the customer we came in days ahead of schedule, which is attributed to the planning, execution personnel, and chemistry provided by Delta Tech Service.

In their Coker for instance; past cleaning on their fractionator left a residual of 4-5 feet of hardened coke on the bottom of the fractionator which took days to jack hammer out. With Delta Tech Service’s process there was only minimal coke dust which was easily removed with a vacuum truck. Our customer referred to this as being the “quickest, cleanest Coker cleanup ever”!

“The T/A is progressing very well. As I’ve said in many meeting with Ops the “Tone” for the T/A is set based on the Chem Clean. If the Chem Clean goes well historically the T/A will follow suit. I realize that I gave Delta Tech and Ops a tall order to fill ~ 12 months ago with a projected 5 day clean up window. As expected Delta Tech and Ops delivered. It was very impressive to see Delta Tech alongside Ops work the systems. Ops was very pleased with the attitude, knowledge and work ethic of your guys. Equipment was cleaner than they’ve ever been before. To date nothings has had to be re-cleaned before leaving the unit / facility.”

“I want to thank you and your team for an excellent job cleaning up our Coker. Execution was performed safely, on schedule, and your process and chemistry met all expectations. We were very impressed with the results again with DesolvEX. The feed surge drum and fractionator bottoms did contain coke but it was dry and we were able to remove most with a vac hose in less than one shift.”

Too numerous to mention here are the times where Delta Tech Service reacts swiftly when our customer is in a jam; we get there and help in any way we can in a safe manner to get their process back in service.

Taking care of our customers; that’s what we do!

Exceptional People, Specialized Equipment, Leading Edge Chemistry

Please feel free to reach out to one of their highly skilled team members with any questions or inquiries on services that can be tailored to your specific needs at (707) 745-2080.

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