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Delta Tech has provided industrial services for years to the largest home consumables company in the world.

DTS recently conducted one of the largest outages in the California’s facility with a large amount of different skilled trades conducting work at the same time.

During the pre-planning of this outage it took great care and planning by one of our highly skilled managers to orchestrate the amount of work awarded in the timeline allotted for this work.

As we all know to well there are many things that work in conjunction to complete outages. DTS was able to save time as well as money by working hand-in-hand with other skilled trade managers for the execution of this outage.

“I know this work is extremely physical and us changing your scope may have set you back. But, you guys can switch gears at the drop of a hat and we can’t be thankful enough.”
~ Area Manager

“The strategic planning behind the turnaround has made this a success, thank you to the managers involved and your entire peer group for a rapid planning process.”
~ Plant HS&E Manager

DTS is committed to building lasting business relationships while maintaining a family orientated company.

Please feel free to reach out to one of their highly skilled team members with any questions or inquiries on services that can be tailored to your specific needs at (707) 745-2080.

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