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In blog posts we often talk about the business or how the process is working. Today’s blog is about more than that. It’s about the pride of a “Job Well Done” or going that extra step. I’m going to give two examples.

The first one is about an awesome Service Engineer here at Delta Tech Service. Nick M. has been with delta tech for some time now and Nick goes above and beyond often. This is a candid photo of Nick cleaning out the truck after his shift in order to make the truck ready for the next crew.  This attitude of taking responsibility and making things better sets Nick apart and shows he has pride in what he is doing each and every day.

Thank you for the hard work Nick!

Now here is the second person I want to talk about. President of Delta Tech Service, INC. MR. Curt Johnson.

I’m not adding him in because he signs my checks… thanks for that by the way Curt.

This is another example of how the attitude of its “not my job” has no place in business. Curt took the time to be part of the refurbishing of a couple exchangers and had a hand in this great looking Yellow Sub being sent out to a customer. The results were nothing shy of amazing. While it is truly great to see people jumping in with both feet…


It’s the results that speak volumes


Do you have this kind of work ethic?   Delta Tech would like to have you as a part of the team!

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