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Delta Tech Service, Inc. pioneered the concept of having Temporary Drain System, (MDO), equipment available to rent for our customer’s de-inventorying and decontamination needs. Our MDO equipment meets the most rigorous safety, industry and plant standards. Delta Tech Service, Inc. maintains the largest inventory of Temporary Drain System equipment in North America.

Decon Pump Skid. This effluent pumping skid was designed for decontamination projects to replace diesel driven pumps. Each skid has two 3” Stainless Steel Air-Operated Diaphragm pumps that have been manifolded together to a common 4” 150# flanged suction and discharge connection. This enables the use of a single pump or when pumping demand increases, using both pumps in tandem. Where pumping requirements only require a single pump, the second pump serves as a backup to minimize downtime and can be switched over to the backup pump by simply closing and opening valves.

Decon Pump Skid

Decon Pump Skid

Relief Drums. A horizontal pressure vessel primarily used for the handling of liquids and vapor materials during routine unit shutdowns. Typically used as temporary relief vessels, knock out drums or surge tanks during the de-inventorying and decontamination phases of unit clean-ups when used with an exchanger/condenser during a steam chemical vapor phase procedure which allows for the condensable materials to be collected and pumped to the slop or effluent storage system while the non-condensable materials are allowed to vent to the process unit vapor recovery system. Safety features include a working “cat walk” platform that includes handrails and toe kicks for safe access to top manway, sight glass for monitoring of liquid levels and 150# flanged connections.



Exchangers. Skid mounted, single pass, tube and shell condensers with over 1531 square feet of surface area makes these temporary units ideal for controlling temperature outputs on a multitude of materials and services including; condenser for steam chemical vapor phase decontamination procedures, process heating and cooling, product to tankage and cooling of waste streams. These exchangers have built-in bypasses with 6” 150# flanged connections for process/product and 4” 150 flanged connections for cooling water/steam.

All units are ANSI and CRN coded

MDO Headers, Manifolds & Hoses. Delta Tech has all the headers, manifolds and hoses required to install the need temporary drainage system for your application. Through unique working relationships with our hose suppliers we are geared up to provide hoses specifically designed for your decontamination and drainage application.

Hoses in inventory include:

  • 3/4″ Hydrocarbon Hose
  • 1″ Chemical Hose
  • 2″ Chemical Hose
  • 3″ Chemical Hose
  • 1″ S.S. Flanged Hose
  • 2″ S.S. Flanged Hose
  • 3″ S.S. Flanged Hose
  • 4″ S.S. Flanged Hose
  • 6″ S.S. Flanged Hose
MDO Headers, Manifolds & Hoses

MDO Headers, Manifolds & Hoses

Our state of the art management, testing and tagging procedures ensures that you receive excellent working hoses and can build your drain system worry free!

Over the years our MDO Headers and Manifolds our equipment has been retrofitted and built for dependability and ease of use. All headers, manifolds, valves, etc. are clean, tested and lubricated as required prior to delivery. Once tested and made ready our equipment is stored in an environmentally friendly facility.

Delta Tech Service is committed to building lasting business relationships and diligently serving our customers, while maintaining a family oriented company.

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