Delta Tech Service has been serving the chemical cleaning, derouging, and passivation needs of the bio-pharmaceutical and other high purity industry needs for 50 years. Using proprietary chemistries, we have successfully increased the chromium to iron ratios of austenitic stainless steel surfaces resulting in higher corrosion resistance and longevity of critical plant process equipment and piping systems. Delta Tech Service offers turnkey services for routine maintenance shutdowns, pre-operational start-ups of new construction, and post-modification restorations. Every job is unique; each is individually engineered and executed to safely accomplish our Client’s needs. Comprehensive documentation packages are delivered at the completion of the job.


  • Derouging
  • Passivation (citric, nitric, and phosphoric)
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Biofilm Removal and Remediation
  • Sanitization and Disinfection
  • Particulate Flushing and Removal
  • External Spot Passivation
  • Oxygen Cleaning
  • Descaling
  • Acid Pickling


  • Product and Distribution Piping
  • Water for Injection (WFI) Tanks and Stills
  • Process and Storage Vessels and Tanks
  • Bioreactors, Fermenters, Lyophilizers
  • Clean Steam Generators and Clean Steam Systems
  • Sterilizers and Autoclaves
  • Reverse Osmosis, Dl, Pure Water
  • Clean in Place (CIP)
  • Boilers
  • Spools and other Stainless Surfaces
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