Equipment reliability is of primary concern for all industries. Proper commissioning and maintenance of lube oil and hydraulic oil systems is the best way to insure equipment reliability.

Particle Counter On new systems there is a high probability you will have system contaminates that can damage your bearings, seals, valves and pumps. These contaminates that can damage your bearings, seals, valves and pumps. These contaminates need to be removed to insure the reliability of your equipment. With our high velocity turbulent flow oil flushing equipment we can exceed flushing specifications in a fraction of the time you would normally spend using traditional oil flushing methods. For example, we can flush a GE Frame 7F lube oil system in about three days. Rather than end up with results that beat the GE specification for cleanliness by a ratio of 32 to 50 times cleaner than the specification requires.

On existing systems, water, debris, corrosion products and varnish can build up. These contaminants can damage your equipment if they are not removed. During your maintenance outage, Delta Tech can chemically clean these systems to remove these contaminants. We then flush the system with high velocity turbulent oil to insure the system is free of the damaging materials.

SS Oil SkidIt is not uncommon for systems to accumulate water and debris in the reservoirs while in operation. It is important to remove the water and debris because the water can cause the oil to loose its ability to protect the system and debris can cause pump, valve, and seal and ram damage. Delta Tech can polish your oil while on line to improve the performance of your oil and extend the operating life of your system.

Delta Tech used Hyac-Royco laser diode particle counters for onsite analysis of particulate levels. We can test NAS 1638 and ISO 4406 Levels.

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