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A review of our Decontamination Chemical Offerings, and superiority in the capabilities of an emulsifying chemistry.

Delta Tech Service, Inc. was petitioned by a potential customer to demonstrate the efficacy of our decontamination chemistries, against some of the worst hydrocarbon contaminants in the known world. The Canadian Oil Sands are world renowned as particularly troublesome and dirty processes to refine them to usable fuels. The customer supplied Delta Tech with samples of their Atmospheric, and Vacuum Tower Bottoms to test under a variety of circumstances. In order to best simulate a pressure vessel decontamination environment, Delta Tech conducted a bench test using a standard vessel sizes and a known volume of water and chemistry. The water/chemistry solutions were boiled, and timed to determine the most effective oil removing compound, and to determine just how effective it was at removing oil vs. just steam/water.

The results were incredible in demonstrating the effectiveness of both DT-3000, and DT-1000 at fast, safe, and minimally wasteful heavy hydrocarbon removal. Please watch the demonstration video to decide for yourself! Do you have a turnaround on the horizon and want to improve upon your current decontamination experience? Our planning, and technical staff are looking forward to discussing how we can bring value to your next project.

Delta Tech Service is committed to building lasting business relationships and diligently serving our customers, while maintaining a family oriented company.

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