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The Southern California branch for Delta Tech Service recently completed a TAR at a NHT Unit.

It was a successful “Turnkey Chemical Cleaning” where we supplied, installed, removed and cleaned all MDO header equipment and hoses involved in the Vapor Phase portion of the TAR. The only thing Maintenance was responsible for was the final connection the process equipment. This is something a little different that we offer that no other chemical cleaning company’s seem to do.

In addition to the Vapor Phase cleaning of the majority of the Unit equipment were a few individual jobs utilizing our proprietary chemicals and processes including:

  • DT3000/DTN170 wash of the Reactor Effluent exchanger train to de-oil and provide stainless steel protection.
  • DTN170 wash of a Reactor to provide stainless steel protection utilizing a Gamma-jet (rotating spray nozzle) process.
  • Citric Acid vapor Phase of the unit’s fuel gas system.

All work was completed within the projected timeframe and budget, safely and without incident.

Below is a portion of an e-mail forwarded to our Location Manager that was sent out by the Maintenance lead in charge of the TAR upon our departure from the Unit.

Click here to view the document.

Todays Recognition: Operations recognized Delta tech. Delta tech’s performance was extraordinary during SD/CU. They worked hand in hand with ops and maint. Providing a high quality product. NHT-3 T/A has all equipment open without a single scenario where more cleaning was needed due to high readings. Great Work Delta tech!!”

Delta Tech Service is committed to building lasting business relationships and diligently serving our customers, while maintaining a family oriented company.

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