Innovations in Chemical Cleaning

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Delta Tech has done it again…..

Delta Tech achieved success at a northern California refiner’s recent shutdown due to the innovative chemicals and application technologies that Delta Tech Service (DTS)  provides.

DTS cleaned some of the unit’s drums that historically have to be manually cleaned to remove massive amounts of sludge after traditional chemical cleaning.

DTS worked with the facility’s planners to engineer a process tailored to target their historical sludge challenges.  The shutdown scheduled required innovative approach to achieve a cleaner piece of equipment in less time and at a lower total price.

The drums were cleaned and degassed using a procedure, which included proprietary chemical and application technology, put together by our peer review group to be executed in the field.

“I was expecting another full blown “Muck out” job but I can’t believe there is only a thin layer to be washed out.”
~ Unit Owner

“Do you even know how much money you saved us? We  really appreciate how fast you guys were able to clean these drums.”
~ Head Operator

DTS is committed to building lasting business relationships while maintaining a family orientated company.

Please feel free to reach out to one of their highly skilled team members with any questions or inquiries on services that can be tailored to your specific needs at (707)745-2080.

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Crafting Successful Shutdowns