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Delta Tech Service is very pleased to announce our Workers Compensation Insurance experience modification rate (EMR) has gone down from 59% to 55%.  Congratulations for achieving these results.

Our clients review our workers compensation modification rate (EMR) and OSHA total recordable incident rate to measure our ability to work safe in their facilities.  A low the workers compensation modification rate (EMR) is evidence an organization is effectively managing the health and safety of its people.

What is an Experience Modification Rate (EMR)?

The Experience Modifier Rate, or EMR, is a numeric representation of a business’s claims history and safety record as compared to other businesses in the same industry.  Simple, right? All in all, much like any insurance factor, it basically states one of three things:

  • This company is riskier than average (EMR > 1.0)
  • This company is no more or no less risky than average (EMR = 1.0)
  • This company is safer than average (EMR < 1.0)

Congratulations again and great job!  Please continue to work safe and lead others to do the same!

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